About NWSA

NWSA is a subsidiary to Firat Akademi Co. NWSA Academic Journals was established in 2009. NWSA Academic Journals gives place to interesting application, research and survey studies together with original scientific researches consisting of collections and translations in such scientific branches as Health, Social, and Engineering Sciences under the main title of all sciences. NWSA Academic Journals is open to any kind of constructive, creative and innovative opinions providing that they contribute to universal science and technology. It is a quarterly journal (January, April, July and October) and it accepts essays written in Turkish, German, English and French. NWSA Academic Journals has 15 journals in the fields of social, health and engineerings.

If the authors demand their manuscripts will be considered for the publication in the journals supporting the ISS2020;

Physical Sciences ISSN 1308-7204www.dergipark.gov.tr/nwsaphysic
Nature SciencesISSN 1308-7282www.dergipark.gov.tr/nwsanature
Ecological Life SciencesISSN 1308-7258www.dergipark.gov.tr/nwsaecolife
Medical SciencesISSN 1308-7312www.dergipark.gov.tr/nwsamed
Sport SciencesISSN 1308-7266www.dergipark.gov.tr/nwsaspor
Veterinary SciencesISSN 1308-7339www.dergipark.gov.tr/nwsavet
Education ScienceISSN 1308-7274www.dergipark.gov.tr/nwsaedu
Vocational EducationISSN 1308-7355www.dergipark.gov.tr/nwsavoca
Humanities ScienceISSN 1308-7320www.dergipark.gov.tr/nwsahuman
Social SciencesISSN 1308-7444www.dergipark.gov.tr/nwsasocial
Fine ArtsISSN 1308-7290www.dergipark.gov.tr/nwsafine
Qualitative StudiesISSN 1308-724Xwww.dergipark.gov.tr/nwsaqual
Life SciencesISSN 1308-7247www.dergipark.gov.tr/nwsals
Engineering SciencesISSN 1308-7231www.dergipark.gov.tr/nwsaeng
Technological Applied SciencesISSN 1308-7223www.dergipark.gov.tr/nwsatecapsci